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The Organizer

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Atlas Shrugged: Who Is Dagney Taggart, And Why Does She Hate The Workingclass?

...Atlas Shrugged taunts the status quo with a combo Greed Is Fabulous mantra, laced with topsy turvy Marxism extolling robber barons in mass rebellion. And with a right wing feminazi head honcho presiding over a railroad empire, who nevertheless dresses like she just exited modeling school. But in the end, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged seems to be serving up nothing more than lots of hokey capitalist wishful thinking, disclaimer free zone super-wealthy diatribes, and pretentious political yakety yak...


...The rich man’s “strike” portrayed in the film would be a blessing for working people today. If, like the “great men” in the film, today’s rich of the world walked away from their banks, factories, mines and oil wells, for whatever reason, this would be no problem for the working class. We pump the oil, work the cash registers, do the hours in the plants, cook the food, invent things, create works of art, design computer programs, build buildings and do all else that produces society’s wealth.

We could easily own and operate society without the leeches at the top because they contribute nothing, merely owning what is collectively produced. Our message to all billionaires who would rally behind Rand’s fictional John Galt and give up their supposed greatness in protest is, “Good riddance!”

We simply don’t need the rich...


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