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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hillary's America: The Not So Secret History Of The Democratic Party

As the rather mix 'n match title implies, Hillary's America: The Secret History Of The Democratic Party, is really two separate films rolled into one. And with the lion's share topically reserved for the latter assertion, while the former regarding the current presidential candidate feels tacked on, hasty and scattered. And actually, a rather redundant indictment of Hillary that has received a far more in-depth examination and incriminating revelations lately, by experts and civilian journalists alike online.

Which positions filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and this followup to his 2012 critique Obama's America, in the rather ironic ideological space of concurring with those he aligns himself with (the Republicans on the right), but also at the other end of the political spectrum, the left who've embraced Bernie Sanders or the Green Party's Jill Stein. A peculiar place indeed for D'Souza to find himself, and only further reinforced by imploring conclusively that Americans therefore needs to vote Republican in this presidential election - without actually saying why.

So what is ultimately presented, is the unfortunately all too common one side to ever story reporting, delineating the historical sins of the Democratic Party while whitewashing the Republicans across the centuries - primarily through that other sin, of omission. And no, Inaccuracy Alert, Lincoln was not against slavery for quite some time ["If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it,” Lincoln wrote to Horace Greeley in 1862], while viewing the black population as inferior to whites [“I am in favour of the race to which I belong having the superior position...Free them [slaves] and make them politically and socially our equals? My own feelings will not admit of this. We cannot, then, make them equals.”] And in fact, Lincoln and the early capitalist North settling on anti-slavery as a war tactic, primarily to break the competitive economic back of the rebel South.

At the same time, D'Souza appears to tiptoe around the biggest Hillary elephant in the room - seeming ironically on the same side with her about this biggest of her current crimes most substantially outed in Wikileaks revelations - namely her covert collusion in rigging the Democratic presidential primaries in league with the DNC and corporate bought big media - and seemingly D'Souza carefully avoiding any defense or support for the victim on the left of those very questionable primary 'victories' - Bernie Sanders. Ideological Walking On Eggshells Alert. And, a potential backfiring of just what D'Souza is intending to do here - namely draw audiences into voting Republican, but potentially sending them off in droves to Jill Stein and the Green Party.

Political ironies aside here, D'Souza may come out of this with the appearance of being his own worst enemy. That is, regarding the extended sequences in the film where he seethes in jail about being railroaded there by Obama and the Democrats, following a campaign contribution conviction. A directorial state of mind which can readily be interpreted as subjectively motivated retaliation as - opposed to a measured critique.

And with such determined scrutiny, why in contrast is there a glaring omission of the historical crimes of the Republican Party. And actually, both parties behind the profit crazed ,genocidal military industrial complex mass murder of millions across the planet, under the superpower guise of US exceptionalism. While in fact at the same time, the modern history of presidents from both parties is ironically inconsequential. As those presidents function merely as the greased palms middlemen and the face of the secret permanent government behind the scenes - the banks and corporations.

Then there are several other assorted elephants in the room that inevitably comes to mind here, with the evidently elaborate and expensive production values lavished on this documentary, and that receives no explanation not to mention disclaimers in the closing credits  - Who funded your movie. And, if you're an apparently proudly guilty as charged advocate for the contemporary Republican Party, will you be following up with a professionally impartial sequel about that equally abhorrent entity - both of which have driven most voters this round to seek out candidates outside the political establishment?

That question may have already been answered in D'Souza's abrupt and swift sign-off at the end of his documentary - You know, just go vote Republican. Period.

Prairie Miller
WBAI Radio


  1. Maybe a grant from Clinton's non accredited , Arab funded, international University, which Bill collects 16million from(and endless babe source) Keep them happy Hillary, marches on.

  2. Some people are so mentally deficient that they are unable to comprehend facts about Hillary Clinton. She's with HER. Anyone else that continues to support her after the revealed corruption of her character is just as evil as her. Her latest corruption dejour, wiki leaks DNC emails, has cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination. I'm sure he'll disavow his endorsement of Clinton; if he can find his nuts sack. The millennials are pissed and "Feeling the Burn." Hopefully Hillary has pandered to enough BlackLivesMatter cop killers to make up for the loss of Bernie's millions of followers.

  3. Sadly people that are with HER will not want admit they are wrong and therefore not want to admit they are backing a criminal psychopath. I just pray that enough of them wake up before its too late for America!!!

    1. It's always easier to fool a low IQ Demonrat than it is to convince that Useful Idiot it's being used...

  4. Dumb review by Prairie Miller from New York City, for it focuses on what Hillary's America does not cover, and not on what it does.

    The outright, unashamed bias revealed in this review including two incomplete sentences but much florid language, is what would propel people to go see this movie/documentary and inform themselves about the racist history of the Democratic Party. It exemplifies the assault on reason by those protecting the status quo.

    This reviewer hasn't even read the title of the movie, but the title is about what drives Hillary R. Clinton, not whatever the reviewer wishes would be covered in it. And it is about history, something the reviewer is ignorant on, as many Democrats are about their own history. The conclusion is evident to the viewer of the movie/doc. - since there are only two major Party tickets, there's only one choice: vote Republican ticket, unless you wish to waste your vote and make mine weight proportionally more.

    1. One has to be extremely uneducated to be such a Useful American Idiot of the Democrats Organized Crime Syndication. How would the Political Elite's running the Dem's Party survive without their duped and clueless Useful American Idiots?!?

  5. Why not question everything that was documented in the movie?!? Why aren't you asking where's the money has been extorting through the Crime Foundation?!? You are an extremely uneducated and uninformed Useful Idiot deflecting off of HELLARY Clinton who is easily the most Deceitful and Dishonest Treasonous female in the history of America..and America's greatest Con Women. How about giving an unbiased review of America most successful Criminal Couple in USA history; the Clinton's?!?

    1. Read the review again. There was no disagreement with the findings, only pointing out the filmmaker's motivations. And likewise pointing out that his valid findings could send audiences to the Green Party on the left, rather than his intention, to the right.

  6. D' have got to be kidding me, speaking of a self promoter. The only motive for Mr D'Sousa remains more of the same. Whether Ayn Rand or any of such ilk those who come to this Country and paint themselves as championing some kind of ethical underpinnings I approach with perfect distrust and ultimate scrutiny. Rand a great self promoter. A woman who basically was only successful to those of no redeeming empathetic moral or social values. Smacking of no love of their fellow man etc. D'Sousa whether a Randian or not has the same scent. Jumping on that ideology which might line his pockets with the most mean green smacks of the same. Me me me. This cannot even be characterized as any measure of documentary filmmaking. Using only a few talking heads which seem to fit his ideology which one has to suspect is no ideology at all. Just anti ideology of the subject selected. A closer look at Mr D'Sousa's life might reveal what measure of man we just might be dealing with. I always go to the source when examining the subject of a film documentary or vaque one. The man who concocted the drek to begin with. Is this a decent, kind, good person or an asshole. I have my opinion on film and him. Form your own. And that present mean I like the values of those he takes aim at either. But this documentary has no palpable soul. And D'Sousa needs to stick with his Day job as a talking head on Conservative Radio. For some reason I really feel for the wife and family he divorced after moving to this country. What an asshole.

    1. The only thing palpable about you is the same substance the rest of us have to wear boots to avoid when reading this rambling, bitter, and frankly trite commentary. Considering the man's charitable activity and origin one might think a keyboard jockey pleb like yourself wouldn't presume to need so many ad hominems to critique the body of this wwork itself. Oh wait, it's because you don't agree politically.

      This is an example of what played America today. Self righteous, know it all, arrogant individuals who think that their own precious little pellets of thought that they fart out with little forethought are gems of individuals thought and therefore must be absolutely infallible and the ruler by which society must be measured.

      You're superior to only the person you are on your worst day. And thanks to the fact the Democrats fixed their own primary and couldn't do better than one of the most snmug and corrupt political gangsters in a bipartisan system of leeching off the hopes and fears of Americans, we have Trump. And I am glad to say there is some satisfaction to knowing that is probably the biggest hair across your ass after 8 years of people lke you thriving on your own claims of rhetorical persecution

      Take these ad hominems, shove, and repeat whenever you start to think you are the perfect individual your mommy told you that you aree, Denny dear.

  7. Nice to see somebody inadvertently admit that the North wasn't acting as a bunch of socially conscious and righteous individuals who are superior morally and culturally to their Southern counterparts, otherwise commonly insulted as Hicks and rednecks by our more liberal leaning, fashionably sensitive members of the entertainment industry.