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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Arts Express: Moscow On The Line Talking Socialist Realism, Snowden, Ukraine Uprising And Obama/Putin Crisis

**Socialist Realism at the Moscow Lumiere Brothers Center For Photography: Media Acheology, Industrial Aesthetics, Cultural Shifts. Curator Zueva Ekaterina phones in from Moscow to Arts Express to discuss the exhibit there. Shedding light on a new and different relationship of workers to their labor during the Soviet era captured via the camera's eye, and minus capitalism and the profit motive. Additional topics on the table include how Russians view ongoing hostilities between our two countries and the Ukraine crisis, and Snowden's exile there. Also weighing in on these related issues is The X File's FBI Agent Dana Scully - aka Gillian Anderson. As the actress uncovers in a very different BBC episode investigation, Karl Marx's theory of worker alienation still valid today.

**Revisiting the Vietnam Anti-War Music Scene: As the 40th anniversary of that revolutionary victory approaches next month, Steal This Radio's Mitchel Cohen delves into the mass movement music that defined that turbulent moment in time, through the songs and conversation with the late activist troubadour, Phil Ochs. And music that is no less relevant today, in the continued warring of the US on the planet.

Listen To The Show Here

 **Bluebird: A dramatic feature fusion of regional filmmaking with economic crisis cinema. Tabulating the economic and emotional toll on workers in a rural Maine logging town, struggling for survival and dignity. A commentary.

Arts Express, airing on WBAI Radio in NY archived at, and on the Pacifica National Radio Network.

Prairie Miller

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